Counselor’s Corner



This year in guidance class, students are learning the value of being a SOCIAL DETECTIVE as they watch and learn from the interactions of others. This year our students will be honing their detective skills as well as their ability to make POWERFUL OR SMART CHOICES in a wide variety of situations. Our children will work to develop their ability to regulate their emotions and behaviors as they discover their own SUPER HERO within. Overtaking the Team of Unthinkables will still be a major focus of this year’s guidance program. Students have guidance classes every two weeks. If you feel the need to talk with counselor in regard to your child, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s school. Pictured below are resources which make up the guidance program.

Sara Le Blanc

Elementary School Counselor


Welcome New Staff

We have some new faculty and staff to introduce to you this year! This year we welcome Karen Puthoff to Kindergarten. She comes to us from the JK at Van Allen so she is already familiar to many of our students and parents. Cody Lambert is our new 5th grade teacher. He is a Mt. Pleasant native but has been teaching in Central Lee. The kids have been pretty excited about having a male teacher on staff. Madeleline Finch is a veteran special education strategist who has taught in a variety of places. She is most recently from Kansas. We also have some new faces among our support staff. In first grade Mary Chase will be helping staff and students be their best every day. We have three new additions to our individual student support team. Please welcome Kristen Woodsmall, Lucy Nunez, and Cami Swailes.

MAP Testing

2017-2018 Recommitment to Measures of Academic Progres (MAP)

Wow, the 2017-2018 school year has gotten off to a fantastic start! We have started our fall assessments with Measures of Academic Progress. This is a test we have given for years but haven’t used as skillfully as we could have. We have committed to changing that this year. You will be receiving information about the MAP assessment and how it helps us differentiate our instruction for each and every student. We will also be starting our Formative Assessment for Students and Teachers (FAST) literacy assessments in the near future. While it seems like a lot of testing it all gives us valuable information on where your child’s skills are currently and what we need to do to take them to the level of achievement.

Counselor’s Corner

    “Enjoy your weekend, but more importantly enjoy your child.”


Students in Junior Kindergarten through Second Grade read and discussed the book, “Are You Grateful Today?;” written by Kris Yankee and Marian Nelson.  This book does a really nice job of having kids reflect on their lives to determine what is going well.  Ask your child to share their picture and writing that he/she worked on in guidance class.  Discuss all the wonderful and positive aspects of their lives such as, he/she has parents who love and support them, he/she has a home to enjoy, a school in which he or she is appreciated and encouraged to grow,etc.  Reinforce all the positive aspects of your son/daughter’s life.  Here are some excellent articles in regard to raising grateful children.




Sara Le Blanc

Elementary Counselor